Directorate of Archaeology, Archives and Museums

Government of Madhya Pradesh


(463) Gola Math, Maihar

jabalpur-img27 Gola math is a state protected monument. A departmental employee is posted here for its protection. The monument of Kalachuri period is very important from archaeological point of view.






(464) Kunwar Math, Jaso

jabalpur-img28 Built in the 11-12the century A.D. Kunwar math, Jaso is a state protected monument. It is very important from archaeological point of view.





(465) Fortress, Amarpatan

jabalpur-img29 The fortress was built by the Baghel rulers of Rewa in later part of the 18th century A.D. At present it is a state protected monument. There are also some old temple and chhatris in the vicinity.




(466) Jalpa Devi Temple, Jaso

jabalpur-img30 It is a state protected monument. There is a collection of idols of goddesses and other images inside it. A priest is appointed for performing daily rituals at the temple who receives salary from charity branch, Satna.




(466) Remains of Ancient Image, Umaria

Two or more temples might have existed around 11-12th century A.D. here. Subsequently, as they got ruined, the idols of these temples were installed in two small temples (Marhias). The larger temple has three sthanak Vishnu and the smaller Marhia has a sthanak image of Vishnu. Images of Kirtimukha, Veerbhadra, Hanuman. Nayika, beautiful artistic architectural blocks, pieces of pillars etc. are also kept here. Legend is that it was the place of worship of the Chandela Queen Malhana during the Chandela period. She lives for a considerable time here. That is way this place is also known as Malhawar. On the basis of site and sculptures the temple seems to have been built around 12th-13th century A.D.


(468) Devi Temple, Bachhara

jabalpur-img31 The Devi temple lies along the bank of and ancient lake about two km from the main road on Amarpatan-Rewa road. The garbha-griha of the temple enshrine idols of the 8th century A.D. The temple has been renovated and is now a state protected monument. There is a vast lake behind the temple. Some new constructions have been carried out by the panchayat here.