Directorate of Archaeology, Archives and Museums

Government of Madhya Pradesh


(436) Moti Mahal, Ram Nagar

jabalpur-img14 It is situated at a distance of 28 km. from Mandla by road. The main palace (residence) was built by the Gond king Hriday Shah after Ram Nagar was made the capital in around 1667. It is a magnificent and beautiful sample of Gond architecture. A massive three storied monument, the location is so beautiful that captain ward in the central provinces District Gazetteer said that a more lovely site than that of the palace of Ramnagar can hardly be imagined. The rock inscription showing the genealogy of the Gond Royal Dynasty is found in this huge palace. This is a protected monument of Department of Archaeology, Govt. of M.P. and is very important from archaeological point of view.



(437) Kothi ( Mansion ) of Rai Bhagat, Ram Nagar

jabalpur-img15 This was the residence of a minister of the Gond king Hriday Shah. It was completed in 1667. It is a protected monument of archaeology department of M.P. Govt.




(438) Sun Temple, Mandla

jabalpur-img16 This temple was been built by one Babujee Ojha and has a beautiful statue of the Sun seated on seven chariots. In addition to this, there are other statues which are worshiped. The statues are about 200 years old.




(439) Vishnu Mandir, Ram Nagar

jabalpur-img17 It is at a distance of 28 kms from Mandla. It was built by the queen of Raja Hriday Shah named Sundari Devi. This temple was built in honour of Lord Vishnu in 1667 by Rani Sundari Devi. The temple is a sample piece of the Gond style with its typical domes. The statues of the temple are displayed in Mandla Museum. The temple is a protected monument of M.P. Govt.




*(440) Narendra Shah Burz ( a Tower ), Mandla

jabalpur-img18 This burz (tower) is within the city. It is a part of the remains of a monument constructed by the Gond king Narendra shah. This burz is 400 Years old and is a beautiful piece of the majestic Gondian architecture. It is in good condition and is protected by the A.S.I.