Directorate of Archaeology, Archives and Museums

Government of Madhya Pradesh


*(484) Shiv Temple, Dharhar

jabalpur-img1It can be reached by pucca and mud road situated at a distance of 8kms from Pusprajgarh. The Shiv temple is in the forest about 2 kms away from the Dharhar village. This temple is built of black stones. The upper portion of the temple is ruined and the remains are lying nearby. It probably belongs to the 10-11th century. There is a bawadi built of black stones near the temple in which there is water round the year.

*(485) Temple of Rohaniji, Amarkantak

jabalpur-img2Situated at a distance of 68kms from Anuppur, this temple is built of bricks, stones and lime powder. There is mandap and garbha-griha, the mandapa rests on two pillars and the wall and Nandi is situated on the mandapa. The walls of the temple are plain on which the terraces have been extended with ramparts. The shikhar is constructed in trirath style. There are aamalak, sarikaghat, a series of kalash and beejpurak over it. The temple seems to have been built in the 19th century.