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Government of Madhya Pradesh


(481) Vishwanatha Temple, Manibagh Umaria

This Panchratha east facing temple is dedicated to Vishnu. This has sanctum, antarala and mandapa in plan, while in elevation it has adhisthana, jangha and shikhar, mandapa is a new structure. Only few pillars are in their original position. The base of the pillars are decorated with ghata-pallava motifs. Bracket capitals and the doorway of sanctum are also decorative. River Goddess Ganga is depicted on the lower part of door jamb along with her Ganas, attendants and worshippers. The door-lintel depicts Siva in Tandava posture, Dancing Ganesha, Saraswati and Nagagrahas. The sanctum is square in shape. The ceiling of the sanctum is decorated with lotus. The southern part of the jangha in the outer portion of the temple is decorated with the images of dancing Ganesha and Natraj. This temple has been built during the Kalachuri period.

(482) Sagara Temple, Umaria

Dedicated to Shiva this west-facing temple seems of have been built in the 11th century A.D. The garbha-graha and entrance gate of the temple are still in their original shape. The rest of portion is now in a ruined state. The interior and exterior walls of the garbha-graha have been renovated which has overshadowed the originality of the temple. At the center of the upper doorframe of the entrance, image of Yogasin Shiva is kept flanked by the images of Brahma on the right side and the Vishnu on the left. On the upper moulding of the sirdal sculptures of Uma-Maheshwar in alinganbadha posture and Laxmi Narayan are carved. The doorjamb is divided in to four sub-jambs in which figures are carved on four cells in two rows. At the center of the doorsill oudumbar is carved and Gajshardul decorations is present on both the flanks. The garbha-graha enshrines an ancient Shivaling.

Shiv Temple, Umaria

Ancient Shiva temple is located in southern part of Umaria. Temple is states in ruins, Lintel, doorjembs and ancient sculptures are fixed in the wall of temple. If was renovated in later time. The lintel and doorjemb are highly decorated. River goddess Ganga and Yanuma carved on their usual places in doorjemb, decorated beautifully. It is depicting Kalachuri art of 10-11th century AD.