Directorate of Archaeology, Archives and Museums

Government of Madhya Pradesh


(452) Fort, Adegaon

jabalpur-img32 The foundation of this east facing rectangular fortress had been laid down in 18th century A.D. during the period of Raghuji Bhonsle, the Maratha ruler of Nagpur, by his ritual priest Narmada ‘Bharti Khadku Bharti Gosai’ to whom Bhonsle state Government had provided jagir of 84 villages. The Bhairon temple inside the garhi was constructed by his virtue. From Narmada Bharti it passed through his disciple Bhairon Bharti, Sridhokal Bharti to Daulat Bharti who lost it to the Britishers, presently its fortification wall and bastions can be seen. The Palaces inside are now ruined. Inside the fort the brick temple of Kal Bhairon still stands, which houses the sculptures of Kal Bhairon, Batuk Bhairon and Nag Bhairon.


(453) Richharia Deo, Guwari

This beautiful four armed (Yoganarayan) Vishnu sculpture, seated in padmasana, is made of brown sand stone. This was encountered through excavations. Vishnu is seated in padmasana in dhyanamudra. He is wearing kirti mukuta, kundala, muktahar, yajnopavita, vaijayantimala, garuda and female devotees with joint hands can also be seen along with the male devotees holding pots with both of their hands. Behind it vidyadharas and female attendant can also be seen. gaja shardula, Ram, Vamana, Parasurama and Balarama are depicted at the parikara. It was carved in 10th century A.D.