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Government of Madhya Pradesh


(474) Kankaali Devi Temple, Antara

jabalpur-img33 The temple of Kankaali Devi is situated in Antaraa village of Shahdol District. Belonging to the Yogini or Pasupat sect of the Shaktcult, the installed humansize statues of Devi in the Kankaali Devi Temple is in furious form. This is an example of exceedingly unparalleled craftsmanship of iconography. The cruelty of the Devi Chamuda’s face, roughness/harshness of the chest and abdomen and annihilerating elements along with Devi’s undaunted compassion and boon giving instinct have been pulsatingly shown by the craftman. There are statues of Devi Sharada, Durga, Luxmi, Ganesh, Shivling with Jilhari, Kartikaya, Tri-Vikram, Nrisinh and some fragmented statues of Chausath Yogini (Sixty Four Yoginis). Along with the statues of Uma-Maheshwar, Dikpal, and Jain Tirthankar are also to be found.

This yogini temple like the Chausath Yogini temple of Bheraghat was built 100 years ago by the Kalachuri rulers which were famous for tantrik practices. Many ruined temples can be seen even today in the premises of the Kankaali Devi Temple.




*(475) Panchmattha Temple (Shiv Temple), Sinhpur

jabalpur-img34 The Village Sinhpur is situated at a distance of 14 kms south of the district H.Q. The Panchmattha temple which is dedicated to Shiv is situated on the left side of the village’s Rajaha pond which is on the north end of the village. This Panchmattha temple is double-storyed and seems to be built by the Gond kings during 17-18th century. The thin bricks, crude/unpolished stones, many pillars of nearby ancient temples, beautifully decorated remains of Vishnu temple and the remnants from village Antaraa have been used in the construction of this temple.




(476) Kheramata Ki Madhia, Mau Shahdol

All the idols here have been collected from the ruined temples and surrounding areas. These consist of Vishnu, Dashawatar, Yognarayan, Shiva, Kuber, Sthanak Surya, Gauri, Uma-Maheshwar, Maheshwari, Garuda seated Laxmi Narayan, Shivalinga, Jalahari, remains of door jambs, Vidyadhar with Garland, architectural blocks and other important relics. All these idols and antiquities of the Kalachuri period belonging to 10th-11th century A.D. besides, remains of medieval age pottery belong to 8th-10th century A.D. have been found. This must have been site of importance from 8th to 12th century A.D.