Directorate of Archaeology, Archives and Museums

Government of Madhya Pradesh


(123) Chakala Baori, Chanderi

gwaliar-img1Chakala Baori is famous for the reason that it was used by only women for bathing. Protected by State Archaeology department M.P., the Baori is situated near Badal Mahal Darwaja in Chanderi town. The step-well was built in 1684 A.D. and it still exists in its original shape.

About 40x30x10 meter in size the step-well is accessed by a flight of wide steps in east west direction.

(125) Behati Math, Behati

gwaliar-img2Being located near village Behati the monument is called Behati Math. It is situated about 20 km south east of Chanderi amidst forests. Built around 9th-10th century A.D. it seems to be a seat of tantric cult. The building is supported by decorated stone pillars, which are carved with figures of gajshardul, horses, peacocks and floral patterns. The Math is characterized by vivid depiction of divinities. The Math has an inscription engraved in shankha script.

(126) Maa Jageshwari Temple, Chanderi

gwaliar-img3It is said that the idol of Maa Jageshwari appeared from the hill and the people believe that it assumed three forms every day.

Situated in picturesque surroundings in the foothills of northern hills, this is a famous temple. It is believed that the Devi appeared in the dream of Raja Kirtipal, who built the temple in the 10th century A.D. Bundela rulers renovated it.

The architecture is visibly influenced by Bundela style. The temple has two thousand Shivlingas with jalharis and enshrines 10th century A.D. stone images of Shiva Parivar. Devotees in a large number come to the temple round the year, but special functions and fairs are held here on both the Navaratiris.




(128) Nrasingh Temple, Chanderi

gwaliar-img4The temple dedicated to Nrasingh located in the tools of Kirti hill, surrounded by Chanderi fortification wall.

This beautiful temple was constructed in 18th century by Bundela rulers. An image of Nrasingh installed in garbha-griha. The entrance of temple is attractive and decorated beautifully. Garbha-griha, mandapa and courtyard are constructed is systematic manner. The way to goddess Jageshwari lies beside the temple.



(129) Chhatri of Maharaja Bharat Shah, Chanderi

gwaliar-img5The Chhatri is dedicated to Maharaja Bharat Shah, the son of Bundela ruler Maharaja Sangram Shah. It is under the protection of Archaeological Survey of India.

Maharaja Bharat Shah Bundela ascended the throne of Chanderi in 1642 A.D. He was an efficient and kind-hearted rule and provided various facilities to the people and during his reign the State witnessed all round development. He died in 1654 A.D. The chhatri was constructed as a memorial to him at the place where he was cremated. Situated in the southern side of the Parameshwar Lake, the two-storyed structure has a dome over its high platform. Its shadow reflects in the water.



(130) Chhatri of Maharaja Devi Singh Bundela, Chanderi

gwaliar-img6The Chhatri is a memorial to Maharaja Devi Singh Bundela. Protected by Archaeological Survey of India, the chhatri stands to south east of the Parameshwar Lake.

Maharaja Devi Singh Bundela, the son of Maharaja Bharat Shah ascended Chanderi’s throne in 1654 A.D. He is credited to have carried out all round development of Chanderi State. He died in 1663 A.D.

The chhatri of Maharaja Devi Singh is located just in front of the chhatri of his father Bharti Shah. The chhatri is comparatively smaller and less high than that of his father’s. It seems that a respectable distance between the father and the son has been maintained while constructing the chhatri.



(132) Chhatri of Maharaja Durjan Singh Bundela, Chanderi

gwaliar-img7The memorial to Maharaja Durjan Singh Bundela is known as Maharaja Durjan Singh Ki chhatri. Durjan Singh became the ruler of Chanderi in 1687 A.D. He was and efficient and far-sighted ruler. He was also very talented, self-respecting and freedom-lover. He died in 1773 A.D.

The chhatri is located to the right side of the first road to the Parameshwar Lake. It is crowned with a dome.