Directorate of Archaeology, Archives and Museums

Government of Madhya Pradesh


(305) Fort Jalgone, Pan Semal

img3 This fort is about 3 km away to the north of Pan Semal headquarters. This fort has a foundation built with locally carved stones. Above the foundation it is built with bricks and lime of the Maratha era. There are towers around the fort on which beautiful ornamental cornices have been built. On the base of the three storied towers rest rooms for soldiers have been built. The second storey of the northwestern tower has got two rooms built in. There are alcoves built in the towers. In the upper side arched windows open westwardly. On the entrance, there are two wooden pillars. Wood has been profusely used throughout the fort.

img2Ancient Baori, Jalgone

The three-storeyed east-facing baori (Step-well) is built of bricks. All the stories have small square room. This step-well of the 17-18th century is considered to be one of the best step-wells in Nimar region.

(306) Sendhwa Fort, Sendhwa

This massive fort was constructed with locally quarried dressed stone in 17-18th century A.D. as a field fort. There is a staircase to reach the bastions. The fort has all the features necessary for military activities with in the premises. A mazar of Chand Shah Vali and Dargah of five Peers exist along with Shiva temple in Maratha style.