Directorate of Archaeology, Archives and Museums

Government of Madhya Pradesh



The website of Directorate of Archaeology Archives and Museums was designed and made under the guidance of Shri Ajatshatru Shrivastav, Commissioner, Archaeology Archives & Museums, M.P., Bhopal. He was assisted by the following:

Officers :

  1. Dr. Gita Subherwal, Deputy Director, Archives and State Museum
  2. Mrs. Swati Vashishtha, Deputy Director, Administration
  3. Mr. Aamir Khan, I.T. Officer
  4. Shri S.K. Padhey, Assistant Engineer
  5. Dr. Ramesh Yadav, Publication Officer
  6. Dr. Jinendra Jain, Research Officer
  7. Mr. Hemant Jain, Officer Incharge, Photography