Directorate of Archaeology, Archives and Museums

Government of Madhya Pradesh

Maharaja Chhatrasal Museum Chhatarpur

Opening & Closing Time of Museum: Morning 10.00 AM to Evening 5.00 PM

Entry Fee:

Indian Citizen: Rs.10.00

Foreigner: Rs 100

Photography fee: Rs. 50 each camera

Videography fee:Rs. 200 each camera


  1.  No entry fee for Children up to 15 years  and  handicaped persons
  2. Museum will be closed on monday and Govt. holidays.
  3. The Departmental publications, books, folders, post cards and plaster cast replicas are available at Sales Counter.

Maharaja Chhatrasal Museum,Dhubela, Chhatarpur

Maharaja Chhatrasal Museum in housed in famous Dhubela palace located 17 km from Chhatarpur on Chhatarpur-Naugaon road and is 1.6 km away from Mahu village. This palace is one of the unique examples of Bundella architecture of 18th century A.D. period. The palace was constructed by Maharaja Chhatrasal Bundella for his residence. The museum was ingaurated by first Prime Minister Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru on 12th September, 1955. The museum has rich archaeological material collected from then Bundelkhand and Baghelkhand region. The objects have been displayed in galleries and in open air space.


Inscriprion Gallery

This gallery is displayed with inscriptions datable from 4th c.AD to 18th c. A.D. Among thses Devgawa Shiva-linga rock inscription of Maharaja Vangeshwara, Supia rock inscription of Skandgupt, Gurgi rock inscription of kalchuri ruler Karnadev,Mukundapur rock inscription of Kalchuri ruler Gangeya Dev, Rewa rock inscription of Kalchuri ruler karna Dev, Kastara rock inscription of Kalchuri ruler Vijay Singh, Gurgi inscription of Kokalladev II, Rewa inscription of Ariyardev Baghela and Orchha inscription of Virsingh Bundela, etc. are very important. Besides, many Sati pillar inscriptions are also displayed in the gallery.

Jaina Gallery Tirthankara Aadinatha(10th c.AD)

Jaina Gallery

There are Chandella and Kalchuris sculptures collected from Bundelkhand and Baghelkhand. Among these ; Tirthankara Aadinatha, Shantinatha, Naminatha, Parshwanatha, are noteworthy. There are some independent sculptures of Sarvatomadrika, Yaksha and Yakshis in this gallery. The pedestals of some of the sculptures bear inscriptions mention V.S. 1128 (1071 c.AD), VS1220 ( 1163 c. AD) and VS1199 ( 1142c.AD) all belonging to Chandella period.


Saiva & Shakta Gallery

This gallery is displayed with the important Shaiva & Shakta sculptures procured from Bundelkhand & Baghelkhand. Among the Shaiva sculptures; there are Shiva-linga, Ravana-anugraha, Uma-Maheshwara, Bhairava, Ganesha, Kartikeya and a Nandi of 18th c.AD. and the Yogini images (64 Yogini) of 1oth -11th century from Gorgi and Sahdol represent the Shakta cult.


Lalitkala Gallery

This gallery is displayed with various kinds of objects such as ivory, glass, wood, metal,terracotta figures and Lalitkala. Terracotta figures of Lajja-Gauri, Aditi belong to Gupta period are importent. There are some objects of 19th-20th century. The towel of Maharaja Chhatrasala and cloths of Reva & Charkhari families are also noteworthy objects.


Vaishnava Gallery

This gallery is associated with important sculptures of Chandella & Kalchuris periods. Sheshasayee Vishnu, Surya, Vamana, Parashurama, Hari-Hara-Pitamaha, Chaturvinshati form(24 forms) of Vishnu, are vary rare. The mithuna sculptures of Khajuraho is the main attraction of this gallery


Painting Gallery

This gallery houses with the miniature paintings of Krishna-lila, story of Rama and the portraits of Bundelkhand & Baghelkhand rulers. Among them Bundella rulers- Chhatrasal, Charkhari King Vijay Bahadur Singh Judev & Ratan Singh Judev, Vijawar king Samanta Sing Judev, Rewa maharaja Ramchandra Ramraj Singh Judev, Viswanath Singh Judev, Raghuraj Singh Judev,Gulab singh Judev, Kaptan Pratap Singh, Madhogarh King Bare Babu Saheb Ramraj singh, Amar Patan king Ravendra Saheb, the Swami tradition of Rewa, there are some unique mirror of various sizes and shaped, displayed for recreation showing same add positions etc. are noteworthy.


Arms & Weapons Gallery

In this gallery; arms received from Rewa, Chhatarpur, Panna, Charkhari and some other local States, have been displayed. Among these sword, shield, tega, khadag, bow &arrow, axe, mace(gada), spear, khukari (dagger), ankusha, narach, gurj, kulang, panja, barchi, sanka, katar, cannon , gloves, small gun, iron axe, big gun, etc. are important. An outstanding feature of this gallery is cannon of Aadilsah which bears Saka Samvata 1628 (1702 c. AD)


Open air Display

The upper platform of the palace preseve the sculptures of Shiva, Uma, Uma-Maheshwar, Hari-Hara, shaiva-ganas, Ganesha, Durga, Ambika, Vishnu, Kubera, Apsara, Couple, Vidhyadhara, etc. These sculptures are datable to medieval period. The lower platform of the palace has figures of Uma-Maheshwar, Lakshmi, Narayana, Stambha,Amalak-Kalasha, Yoga-Narayana, and architectural members.


There is a library in the museum which contains about 2300 books of history and archaeology. Besides, Departmental publication & plaster cast are also available on sales counter for sale.