Directorate of Archaeology, Archives and Museums

Government of Madhya Pradesh


Directorate of Archeology, Archives and Museums Madhya Pradesh was established in the year 1956, and was merged with the Government Archives in the year 1994. Madhya Pradesh is rich in terms of archaeological wealth. The main function of this Directorate is to survey, identify, cinematography, compile, preserve, display, excavate and maintain the entire estate spread across the state. Along with this, registration of artefacts of private collections, elegant exhibits in the museum, construction of images of important statues, organization of exhibitions and research seminars focusing on archeology, publication of archaeological materials and preservation, promotion of records and important documents under state archives. Research work is done.

The Commissioner / Director is the head of the Department of Archeology, Archives and Museums. Excavation, survey, maintenance, numismatics, facsimile, chemistry, cinematography, publishing and museum branches are working at the headquarters level. After the division of the state, three regional sub-director offices under the directorate are under the eastern region, Jabalpur, western region Indore and northern region Gwalior. Two regional offices are functioning in Indore and Gwalior under the Government Archives Branch. Nagpur office records have been transferred to Bhopal. Microfilming unit is also set up in Bhopal for safe keeping of records and their records.