Directorate of Archaeology, Archives and Museums

Government of Madhya Pradesh


(407) Bilkeshwar Shiva Temple, Bilpank

indor-img13 Dedicated to Shiva the Paramara period (Gurjar Chalukya style) temple may be ascribed to 10-11th century A.D. It is a state protected monument. The temple is raised on a low platform and its garbha-griha enshrines a mutilated Shivlinga. There are four pilasters on all four corners of the garbha-griha, which support the roof. The mandapa of the temple is based on 22 decorated pillars. The antaral has images of Uma Maheshwar, Ardha narishwar, Harihar, Ganpati etc. An inscription of Gujrat’s Chalukya ruler Siddharaja, belonging to Samvat 1196, has been found from the temple. It shows that the temple was renovated by Siddharaja Jaisingh. The garbha-griha enshrines a Shivlinga with jaldhari. The entrance gate of the garbha-griha is carved with images of Ganga, Yamuna, Dwarpal and other decorations.